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Post by Yami on Sun Dec 14, 2008 1:03 pm

Name: No one. Nothing. Everything. The All and Only. The Other. The Everywhere. You. Memory. Darkness. Nothingness. Light. The Redemption. The Love. Evil. Good. The Forgotten. The Hated. The Loved.

Personallity: He has very dark, mysterious personallity, much like Ansem when he first appeared in Destiny Islands. Can be helpful, but as payment for his help, he either wants a fight to the death or a piece of your Heart.

Description: He is pretty tall, wearing a long, flowing black cloak that covers every part of his body. The cloak serves as his weapon most of the time, striking foes like a sharp sword. He can also use the Keyblade, which gives him an edge in any battle.

In Dark Mood:Npc ______ The_reaper_keyblade_by_heartless2co

In Light Mood: Npc ______ Key13

When in Fight to the Death:Npc ______ SolarisCosmos

Bio: Not much is actually known about _____. He only appears if you need help.

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Post by Arika Nanima on Sun Dec 14, 2008 2:19 pm


who i was is history
becasue my past is a mystery
and i am the girl
who got lost in the darkness of her world

Npc ______ Anime-2
Arika Nanima
Arika Nanima

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