Dar and his awsomeness....

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Dar and his awsomeness.... Empty Dar and his awsomeness....

Post by Sir Dar on Mon Dec 14, 2009 3:42 pm

name: Dar
age: 16
world: twilight town
short bio: When he moved to twilight town he used to hang with seifers group...untill they betrayed him..now he hangs with hayner and the group. he participates in all the struggle competitions, which gives him good training in sword-play. he has been expirimenting with pence in the study of magic and learned how to cast lv.1 cure,fire and blizzard.

his apperance would be...black cargo pants with a camo belt. He wears a light gray t-shirt with a silouete of a dragon on the front. over the shirt he has a black leather jacket. he has black, steel toe boots and red sun-glasses. spiky brown/black hair. One eye is a crimson red and the other is a deep blue. he is 5' 6"

his weapons include a small sword, similar to a large knife, hidden under his jacket, the last judgement keyblade (if im allowed to weild a keyblade) and if not a keyblade, then a 3 1/2 ft. long scottish claymore and a small scythe that he attaches to his back

hope you like it!!!

Sir Dar

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