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Leox: The Flashy Assasain Empty Leox: The Flashy Assasain

Post by RawRstar17 on Tue Dec 08, 2009 8:56 pm

Name: Leox
Age: 17
World: ???
Short Bio: Leox was found as a child after a severe thunderstorm by his two loving parents. After a short while he learned he had the capability to control electricity (Turn on the toaster without flipping the on switch, recharging batteries in a matter of seconds, etc...) He then decided to devote himself to master his powers. He doesn't back down from a fight (but he knows his limits). Very offensive fighter and never gives the opponent a break. He doesn't have full control over his powers because he is still in training. Leox is very friendly and loves to meet new people and will try just about anything once.

(P.S. if you guys need any assistance ever I have alot of admin experience but i know what its like to have an annoying person who thinks theyre better than you [I donntt Very Happy] telling you what to do so if you need anything lemme knoww Smile )

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