Captain Jack Sparrow's Character App.

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Captain Jack Sparrow's Character App.

Post by Captain Jack Sparrow on Fri Jul 31, 2009 12:31 am

Name: Captain Jack Sparrow

Age: 36

Gender: Male

Home World: Port Royal but Tortuga is more to my taste. Rum all around and saucy winches at every corner.

Race/Species: Human

Appearance: Good old jack. His outfit never changes. Starting at the top of his head he wears a very worn tricorne leather hat. Which sits atop a red bandanna followed by his unruly dreadlock style hair in which braided on the end is one of the 9 pieces of 8. Around his eyes he wears a layer khol and his teeth are spotted with gold a trinket do to a life led of bad hygiene. His goatee is double braded with golden beads along it. He has numerous tattoos but the most noticeable are the ones on his arm. The first is the mark of the east India trading company which brands him as a pirated and the second is a sparrow. His coat is a silk tweed frock coat with the normal baggy white pirate shirt and dark blue vest on top. His boots are of very soft leather and have the iconic fold of the early 1800 century. Across his middle is an old fashion belt along with a silk sash hand woven from India. I wonder how he got that? =P

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral…If it not in his best interest or going to get him a lass he’s not doing it. Savvy?

Elemental Mastery:
Primary: Water
Secondary: Earth? (I got a jar of dirt, I got a jar of dirt!)
Tertiary: Oh bugger one more…bloody hell (Wind? Cause getting stuck sucks)

Personality: Oh Captain Jack is the truest of true pirates. He embraces the life of a rouge like no other. It is all about him, he cares for no one else, looks out for no one else and steals from everyone else. He is in essence a lover not a fighter. He prefers to settle arguments with deals, bargains and leverage. He will use the blade but he only fights so that he can run away. He does that a lot. Jack is always drunk and can be seen with a bottle at all times. His love life is a string of whores and one night stands something of which he is proud off. The only thing that matters to him is his ship, The Black Pearl, and his compass. Though the bloody thing don’t even point north. He is a very trix and clever person weaving tails and words to fit his own ends as well as manipulating everyone around him.

Weapons: Cutlass and a Couple of Flint lock pistols. Beware he fights better drunk…and wel…l he is always drunk =P

Fighting Style: He prefers not to fight. Given the first chance he will run away. His strategy is use any and all means to win. Very clever thinker and resourceful he uses what is ever around him. He lacks any kind of set plan. Though to be honest he is a talented swordsman when he has to and a ok shot when not drunk. He is always drunk though *sigh*

Affinities: As crafty and clever as they come. He has a way of manipulating people to get his own ends. He is a good sailor and can improvise like no other. To be perfectly honest he is just plain lucky most of the times. He tends to be at the right place at the right time. He is a good swordsman and an eccentric but good leader. When attacking his unorthodox style often times throws the enemy off when his attacks don’t follow any kind of form or style. He is about average in both stands of offensive and defensive combat. His endurance is about average nothing special and his attacks are light and quick. Not much force behind them so he relies on quantity to make up for quality. He will also cheat playing by niceties is not his things. He is not above drugging someone before a fight or pulling out a gun in a sword fight.

Weaknesses: Dangerously unstable and looking out for numero uno. Doesn’t trust well, drinks like a fish and well, not very hygienic. Loves the ladies and o do they love him. A bit of a blunder when it comes to magic and anything requiring some sort of book wise intelligence. Does not stay and fight very often always looking for his way out. Very small conscience and will do anything he sees that benefits him. He doesn’t wear much armor so when he does get hit it hurts. He prefers to use things to block or to simply get out of the way. Hell he would use his own mother as a shield if he got the chance. He is weak against magic attacks and blocking projectiles. His defence in general is very much so lacking in all departments. In other words it is very very bad. Thus why he runs.

(Picture Creepy Witch doctor lady (Calypso) saying it) (You don’t like I will edit and write it normally)
The legend of Captain Jack sparrow is one as old as da sea it self. Filled with mur-da, plunda and of course the thing that fuels all great stories. A wom-An. Good ole Cap’n Jack was once one of the pirate lords. His name was know from one edge of da world to the next. He was a fine Cap’n and a fearless pirate. Aye his ship was none utta than the Black Pearl. The fasest ship to sail the seven seas. Though ole jack wasn’t the Cap’n for long. His first mate Barbossa stabbed him in da back! Raising a mutiny among his own crew and leaven em for dead on some god forsaken island. But Ole Cap’n Jack he was clever than da gave em credit for. He found a way of da island and back to port royal. Where he meet a young black smith by the name of William Turnera. (I know it spelled wrong trying to get the same sound as when she says it). Now there is an air of destiny about him. While dare Cap’n Jack ruins into his ole first mate Barbossa. Where he learns of da curse of da Aztec gold. That any who take but one piece will be left to roam the world as a hollow shell for da rest of eternity. From dere ole Jack and William Tunera joined togeder to break the curse and send Barbossa to the watery depths. Finally Jack had his precious Pearl back and left to roam the seas. Though the new prize dat he seek be no other than the heart of davy jones. To da flying dutch man he owe his very soul. An enternidy in davy jones locka. In his search for it once again he crosses paths wid William Turner who now wants the chest to free his fada from a live of servitude. In the end though the heart falls to Lord Cuttler Becked of the East india trading company. Using it as leverage on the fly’n Dutchman he now controls the seas. In a last turn of the cog of destiny the breadren court that had sealed me so long ago have decided to stand and fight. O but Barbossa has a much beder plan. He released my from my earthly bounds and once again I Calypso Goddess of the sea roamed free. Jack went on his marry way looking for an noder means of escaping fate.

Jack made his way wobbly down the street from the Far Under bar. The streets of Tortuga where filled with all sorts of travelers moving their way around in the dark night. The hum of conversation and the shrieks of people fighting hung heavy through the air. Jack noticed none of it he had already downed 5 of the bottles that rested in his hand and he was well on his way to a sixth. Looking around his blurry vision caught what looked like a bottle at about his heads height. With a chuckle his left arm lashed out. His voice slurred,

“Cheers Mate!”

With a crash the bottle shattered the moment it connected with the hard metal frame of the lamp. Not even noticing Jack lifted the bottle as he tilted his head back. A few seconds passed and no warm liquid came pouring in. Now that was peculiar. Opening one eye he looked at his bottle. A confounded expression gripped his face. Slowly his eyes moved down the neck of, it was intact. Then they widened as they came to the bottom where instead of glorious rum all that remained was shattered glass. His face turned to a frown.

“Why is the rum all ways gone?”

Turning to the glass street lamp that hung just to the right of his head he put out one daunting finger on his right hand. Shakily he stood wagging it in front of a face only visible to him .

“Now you…I am… *hiccup* not done with you quite yet. I believe *hiccup* you owe me another bottle. “

His arms lashed out as he grabbed the glass lamp case. Pulling hard, his face contorted with effort. He was going to pry that bottle of rum from it if it killed him. The glass casing wouldn’t budge. Stopping for a second he bent over taking a few deep breaths as he lifted his head cocking an eye brow.

“Now mate…*huff*….you don’t want to cross blades with me..*small gasp*…I am the Infamous…CAPTAIN…Jack…Sparrow. So just had the rum over quietly and we will call it square.”

Moving forward he placed both hands on the glass container and made a small tug lap didn’t budge. Gripping more tightly he propped his boots up against the wall. Pushing off with his legs he let out a groan as he pulled as hard as he could. With a thud he fell backwards rolling over himself as he landed belly up in the dit. Getting up slowly he brushed himself off as he straitened his hat. Reaching into his sash Jack drew his pistol pointing it at the lamp.

“Your giving me that rum one way or another Savvy?”

With a bang smoke flared up as the bullet hit harmlessly on the wall next to the lamp. Leaving a small hole in the wooden door.

“Oh Bloody Hell!”

He quickly pulled out the other pistol as he stuck the first back in his sash

“Alright let’s try this again. That first one was a warning shot mate. Believe me given the opportunity twice I will not miss *hiccup* again. Now hand me the rum…No alright then.”

The gun wobbled as he tried to point it at the lamp. Closing one eye he looked up the barrel of the gun only to find two blurry targets. With a bit of confusion he moved back and forth between the two with his gun.

“Oh bugger.”

With another puff of smoke and a bang the light shattered as the shards of glass rained down. A half-witted cocky smile crossed his face as he strutted forward. Coming closer to the lamp he reached forward to claim his prize. His grubby fingers touched the hot wax and with a few seconds delay he brought his hand back wincing as his hand seared with pain. A sting of un-intelligable curse words flowed forth as he stomped madly around the street flailing his arm. In a few moments after the pain became bearable again, Jack turned to the now broken lamp. Narrowing his eyes he squinted as for the first time his vision cleared a little and he saw what he had thought was another bar patron. Slowly the broken glass casing of the street lamp came into focus. His mouth dropped for a second as he realized what had just happened. Looking around meekly he saw that the whole street had stopped to stare at him. Jack let out a nervous laugh as he turned to face them.

“Oh come now like none of you have ever argued with a in animate object before. It took my rum for Christ sake”

A quite murmur went through the crowd as a few heads nodded. Then from over the rustle a voice came.

“Well I’ve never seen anyone shoot one…”

Captain Jack Sparrow

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Re: Captain Jack Sparrow's Character App.

Post by Yuri Nakamura on Fri Jul 31, 2009 5:31 am

wow.... that was... really long... but anyways ur accepted! lol

my moto!: 'if u can't laugh at yourself... i'll be glad to do it for you!'
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Re: Captain Jack Sparrow's Character App.

Post by Captain Jack Sparrow on Fri Jul 31, 2009 12:29 pm

lol Thank you m'lady.

I like detail.

Captain Jack Sparrow

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Re: Captain Jack Sparrow's Character App.

Post by Shinji on Fri Jul 31, 2009 10:16 pm


*reads the history hearing Tia Dalma's voice*


and yes I know she's Calypso!

Wait at the end of the Third Movie in the series Will controls the Flying Dutchman not the guy from the East India Trading Company.

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Re: Captain Jack Sparrow's Character App.

Post by Kurai on Mon Aug 03, 2009 4:55 pm

There was so much about Captain Jack Sparrow I never knew -.- I loved the RP xD It was hilarious. I've argued with inanimate objects plenty of times, so Jack is not alone xD

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Re: Captain Jack Sparrow's Character App.

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