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Post by Yami on Tue Jun 16, 2009 4:56 am

The creamy sky that seemed to be full of life was now engulfed in dark clouds. There wasn't going to be any rain today, but it just made the entire town gloomy. No kids were outside playing and only the eldest of the adults were outside and being active. To Yami's knowledge, he was the only one of his age that was actually out that day. Barely any of the stores were open that day, which slashed the warrior's plans into shreds. It was his intent on buying some things for his next journey across the Sea of Stars. Potions, Protega chains, Gauntlets and whatnot were his main goals searches, but alas, the accesory stores were closed. It would mean that Yami would have to rent a room and use up a good portion of his munny to simply have a place to stay. Odd as it was, he hadn't found any worlds where he was exactly welcome as part of the community.

There was an Amazonian tribe where being the only man there was... awkward. He had found a world full of nothing but seas and masses of land that were ruled by kings and queens. He became a temporary viking for his few days there and he had fun pillaging the villages. In all honesty, Yami just wanted to stay here, but he couldn't. He couldn't see anyone he knew until after his journey was over, which made things sort of difficult. He had seen Kurai and Roxas at least once during his expedition.

The cleaver wielding teen was still the same old Yami as always. He was still grumpy, sarcastic, and hungry at all times. Nothing on his exterior had changed either. Well, excluding the fuzz on his chin. He hid it all, though, under his favorite cloak. His cleaver still hung on his back as always, bouncing up and down as he went along on his days. "It's not going to rain, so why is everyone still inside? Is it me? Do I prove to be... dangerous?" Possibly so.

It wasn't every day that some tall, sword carrying fellow walked the streets of Twilight Town.

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